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Erdene’s goal is to create value for its shareholders through the discovery and development of world-class resource projects in highly prospective and under explored Mongolia.

growth strategy

Opportunities are evaluated on the basis of the risks and rewards present by region, commodity and stage of development. The following forms the basis of Erdene's strategy for project evaluation and acquisition:

  • Precious and base metal, project acquisition and discovery efforts are focused in a region of Mongolia that provides investors with maximum exposure to China’s high growth market, and in an area capable of hosting "World Class" ore bodies, with excellent potential for the discovery of multi-million ounce, bulk tonnage, open-pit mineable resources.
  • Erdene has selected commodities that management believes, over the long term, provide strong growth potential based on supply and demand forecasts.
  • Erdene believes in establishing strong partnerships at the appropriate point in a project's development to strategically manage risk and provide access to the necessary capital required to advance a project to the production stage.
  • Erdene is focusing its exploration program on core commodities, including base and precious metals, which the Corporation has the expertise to advance from the exploration stage through development and thereby maximizing shareholder value. In addition, strategic partnerships have been pursued at the exploration stage for other commodities, including coal, where outside expertise is most beneficial to the exploration, development and marketing of these commodities.
  • Erdene carefully evaluates merger, acquisition, and restructuring opportunities. The Corporation maintains a continual and careful evaluation of opportunities globally to further its goal of identifying world-class resource opportunities. The company will only pursue initiatives that will enhance shareholder value.

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