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1. Where do Erdene's shares trade, and what is the symbol?

Erdene trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX ), under the symbol ERD.

2. When was Erdene's IPO?

Erdene’s initial public offering was completed in March 2004.

3. Do Erdene's senior managers have significant investments in Erdene?

Yes, all senior management and directors are investors in Erdene and collectively they control approximately 12% of the issued and outstanding shares of the company.

4. Does Erdene host a quarterly conference call?

No. Rather, than a quarterly conference call, Erdene issues a quarterly news release that summarizes key events from the quarter and provides the company’s financial overview for the period.

5. What types of commodities is Erdene interested in pursuing?

The commodities that Erdene pursues must adhere to strict criteria. Erdene ensures that each commodity have strong, long-term fundamentals. In addition, the projects that host these commodities must be located near growth market opportunities. Erdene is working on the following commodities: coking coal, gold, copper, molybdenum, and construction aggregate – all of which adhere to the Company’s criteria.

6. Does Erdene have enough cash to execute its operating strategy?

Yes. Erdene is fully funded to continue developing all of its major projects for the next 12 months.

7. How can I purchase Erdene shares?

Erdene's shares can be purchased through a licensed investment broker.

8. Who can I contact regarding share certificates?

Erdene's transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company of Canada with offices in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

The Halifax office is located at:

Purdy's Warf Tower 2, Suite 2008,
1969 Upper Water Street,
Halfax, NS, Canada,
B3J 3R7.

9. What is the tax impact from the 2012 Plan of Arrangement?

Erdene shareholders have asked how to calculate the adjusted cost base of the shares of Erdene Resource Development Corporation (“Erdene”) and the shares of Morien Resources Corporation (“Morien”) as a result of the Plan of Arrangement implemented effective November 9, 2012. Please click the link below to access a MEMO from Erdene management outlining how to calculate this adjusted cost base. Dividing Your ACB click to view.

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