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“By acting ethically and responsibly and supporting the needs of our investors, governments, employees and others, we have been able to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders and make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. "
- Peter Akerley, President and CEO

Mongolian school children  Community member helping with clinic renovations

Erdene is committed to sustainable development, defined as helping meet the needs of present-day society while striving to ensure that future generations have the ability to meet their own needs.

To meet this commitment, Erdene systematically addresses Health, Safety, Environment and Community (“HSEC”) issues across its business activities. Erdene believes that HSEC requires proactive management in order to decrease all associated risks and enhance the company’s long-term value.

As a core business function, Erdene provides the necessary resources, both human and financial, to ensure the mitigation of HSEC risks and maximize the value of its projects. By doing so, Erdene aims to position itself as a responsible, desirable partner in the development of natural resources.


In Mongolia, Erdene initiates community relations and sustainable development activities at the earliest stages of prospecting and exploration. Through extensive experience and a strong portfolio of minerals projects, Erdene has been able to address a variety of socio-economic challenges in the communities proximal to its operations.

Erdene demonstrates by example - through employing local residents wherever possible, allocating time for employee volunteering for charitable causes and ensuring strict adherence to its HSEC standards. At more advanced project sites, such as the Zuun Mod molybdenum-copper project, Erdene establishes a community liaison committee to provide input into the Company’s HSEC activities.

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